Solutech Expands Into A New Market In Africa: Ghana

Solutech Limited, a leading field sales force automation company in Africa, has entered the Ghanaian market with Matrix Innovation Limited as its first client in West Africa. This remarkable milestone marks Solutech’s organic expansion into its ninth (9th) market in Africa, demonstrating its commitment to providing innovative solutions across the continent. With its expertise in field sales force automation, Solutech SAT (Solutech Sales force Automation Tool) is set to transform Matrix Innovation’s sales operations, empowering them to achieve high efficiencies to grow their numerical distribution and grow their revenue.

Solutech Limited has built a strong reputation across Africa as a reliable provider of technological solutions. With successful Solutech SAT implementations in eight African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, DR Congo, Zambia, Sudan, and Ethiopia, the company has been consistently innovating and pushing boundaries to drive sales automation in various sectors across the sales ecosystem from FMCG to Building and Construction, Financial Services, Agri Chemicals and Pharmaceutical sector. With the addition of Ghana to its impressive portfolio, Solutech is poised to make a lasting impact on the Ghanaian market.

Over the last two weeks, Solutech Limited’s CEO, Alexander Odhiambo, and I embarked on a fruitful journey to Ghana, partly to attend our Stanford Seed immersion week, and to actively seek out business opportunities and forging key partnerships in the country. This visit was a strategic move to expand Solutech’s presence in West Africa, capitalizing on the growing market potential and emerging business landscape in Ghana and West Africa in general. After cementing our position in East Africa, we are more than ever ready to scale to West Africa and Francophone Africa as well.

During our visit, we held extensive meetings with key business leaders across Africa, spanning from Ivory Coast to Benin to Mauritania to Senegal, among many others, and with potential clients in Ghana cumulatively. These discussions aimed to understand the local market dynamics, incountry cultures, identify specific technological distribution needs and challenges, and explore Solutech’s strategic expansion to West Africa, including partnering with key local partners.

Ghana is a strategic entry point for Solutech into the West African market.

Ghana’s stable political environment, thriving business ecosystem, and growing technological infrastructure makes it an ideal market for Solutech’s expansion plans. By establishing a presence in West Africa, Solutech aims to bring its industry-leading Sales Force Automation Tool to manufacturers and distributors in the region. Solutech’s proven track record in other African markets positions the company as a trusted business partner of innovative technological solutions, making it well-equipped to address the unique needs of businesses in West Africa and Francophone Africa, among other markets in Africa.

The valuable connections made, insights gained, and partnerships formed during this visit lay a strong foundation for Solutech’s growth in the West African market.

As Solutech continues its journey of organic expansion, the company remains committed to fostering strong relationships with MSMEs across Africa, understanding their unique challenges, and tailoring Solutech SAT to meet their specific needs. Through collaborative partnerships and a customer-centric approach, Solutech aims to play a vital role in the digital revolution and economic development of West Africa.

Matrix Innovation Limited, an agri chemicals distribution company based in Ghana, is Solutech’s first client in West Africa. As an innovative company that understands the importance of investing in technology and making data-driven decisions, Matrix Innovation is bound to make leaps in its sector by having a solid geotagged database of its customers, which will help the company to reach out to even new farmers, and continue boosting food production in Ghana.

With the implementation of Solutech SAT, the company will be able to refine its existing sales operating procedures and its route-to-market strategies. From customer data centralisation to order processing and customer relationship management through routine visits, Matrix Innovation will experience increased efficiency as they aim to make a global impact through sustainable agriculture by offering quality, innovative agricultural solutions that help their clients to succeed.

Solutech Limited’s expansion into Ghana with Matrix Innovation Limited marks an exciting chapter in Solutech’s journey in West Africa. With Solutech SAT as the driving force behind this collaboration, Matrix Innovation is poised to benefit from enhanced performance tracking, improved efficiency in sales orders processing, better customer relationships management and revenue growth. Solutech Limited remains committed to driving digital transformation across Africa for manufacturers and distributors through Solutech SAT, and its entry into Ghana reaffirms this dedication and the company’s commitment to expanding its operations to West Africa.

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